IUPUI Office of Sustainability

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of our university and since 2011 IUPUI Sustainability has served as a conduit for sustainable action on campus through equal parts operations and academics. Born out of the idea that collective action is a key factor in establishing a greener future, IUPUI Sustainability serves to leverage creative ideas to move the campus forward. The SDGs permeate IUPUI's efforts, from reducing the impact of our operational environmental footprint to integrating SDG principles across our curriculum and engagement programs, locally and globally. IUPUI Sustainability is leading and supporting efforts to advance the SDGs on campus and beyond.

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IUPUI: A Living Laboratory for Sustainability - Making the World a Better Place with the SDGs

Jessica Davis, IUPUI's Director of Sustainability, gave a presentation as a part of the 2022 IUPUI International Festival - IUPUI SDG Day.