OIA Values

IUI Office of International Affairs (OIA) Value Statement 

We respect the power of international dialogue, interaction, and travel to transform lives and reduce barriers among people.

We create important synergies by combining international admissions, student services, study abroad, curriculum internationalization, and international research and applied projects under a single umbrella.

We value international students and scholars on campus because they contribute skills and knowledge to our classrooms and laboratories, establish international connections that last long after they have left, and broaden our outlook on the world.

We advocate international learning for all, regardless of field, and view global competence as a key element of personal and professional life in the 21st century.

We frame our interactions with students, colleagues, and others with respect, openness, and reciprocity; we listen carefully; and we work toward mutually satisfactory conclusions.

We believe IUI can play a particularly important international role because it combines a broad range of professional and academic programs, and is a national leader in institution-building, pedagogical innovation, civic engagement, health sciences, and technology.

We accept the responsibility of universities to share their resources and expertise with institutions and communities around the world.

We embed our international activities in a deep understanding of their cultural, ethnic, national, and global contexts, as well as basic principles of cross-cultural communication and understanding.

We are committed to excellence and best practices in our work, pursue continual professional growth and development, and keep abreast of the latest developments in international education.

We share an abiding commitment to making the world a better place.