Curriculum Internationalization

IUPUI is committed to providing all students with at least one meaningful international experience. 

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One way to accomplish this is through curriculum internationalization, defined as:

"The incorporation of international, intercultural, and/or global dimension into the content of the curriculum as well as the learning outcomes, assessment tasks, teaching methods, and support services of a program of study.” (Leask, 2015)

Benefits of Curriculum Internationalization

  • Help students meet IUPUI’s Dimensions of Global Learning
  • Provides exposure to difference and encourages multicultural understanding and acceptance
  • Enhances student and faculty intercultural communication skills
  • Provides an international perspective of a discipline or field
  • Enhances student competitiveness in the global marketplace
  • Engage faculty and students in internationally informed research
  • Provides faculty opportunities to address urgent research questions
  • Helps faculty and students develop an international professional network
  • Provides understanding of global issues and forces that shape our city, state, nation and the world

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