Health & Insurance

Stay in good health throughout your time at IUI.

As an international student or scholar at IUI, it is important to take good care of your health and utilize your resources. Use the information here to find the answers you need.

Health insurance is a requirement

All international students and scholars are required to have health insurance that meets the minimum requirements for their entire stay in the United States. In the United States, health insurance is necessary to receive medical care at a more affordable rate, comply with visitor regulations and stay healthy. IUI advocates for you each year when we negotiate a reasonable rate for our insurance plan: the IU International Plan.

International students and scholars enroll in and pay for the IU International Plan differently. IUI will enroll students in the IU International Plan. Scholars can choose to purchase the same IU International Plan or select another company, as long as it meets certain requirements. Explore your options, and make sure to take action.

Learn about insurance for students

Learn about insurance for scholars

Insurance for Dependents

You may also purchase health insurance through IUI for your dependent family members. Dependents are not automatically enrolled. Students and scholars can find instructions for enrolling their dependents on the webpages linked above.

Insurance Terms

The United States insurance system is unique and may present you with new terminology. Learn more in our glossary of health insurance terms.

Medical Care

Whether you are ill, injured, or just want to prevent future health problems, you have many options for top-quality medical care. IUI has two health centers, and Indianapolis is a national leader in health care.

Access Medical Care