F-1 Students

We will advise you on everything about your F-1 visa

Most international students come to IUPUI with F-1 status. F-1 is the most common status for full-time international students in the United States.

You should apply for an F-1 visa if we send you an I-20 form. If we send you a DS-2019 form, you should apply for a J-1 visa instead.

Our staff members are experts in visas and immigration. They can help you before you come to IUPUI and while you are here. You have three options to get F-1 visa advising here:

Apply for a Visa

You have to complete several steps to apply for an F-1 visa. We will also help you get F-2 visas for your dependents.

Learn how to apply for an F-1 visa

Maintain Your F-1 Status

You have to stay in F-1 status in order to remain in the United States legally. You are responsible for staying in status. You should pay close attention to all rules and regulations, and we will help you take the appropriate steps to keep your status.

Learn how to maintain your F-1 status

Get Ready for Employment

F-1 students can get jobs, but off-campus employment requires authorization and on-campus employment has restrictions. We will help you understand what you need to do.

Learn about employment

Prepare to Graduate

You should start thinking about your post-graduation plans by the beginning of your final semester. Restrictions will affect what you can do. We will help you fulfill all of your obligations before you leave, and we will help you prepare for what is next.

Make post-graduation plans