Global Learning

IUI is committed to preparing all students to be citizens of the world through global learning.

Global learning is how learners at IUI attain the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to negotiate and contribute to the complex and interconnected world in which they learn, work, and live.*

It includes integrating multiple perspectives into collective learning and problem solving, transcending boundaries, and acting in local and global contexts with a sense of responsibility, humility, and empathy.

A life-long process, global learning promotes engagement with people, places, and ideas outside of one’s own environment, and offers practical and intellectual benefits, among them, career readiness, communication skills, and both critical and creative thinking. At IUI, global learning is facilitated through the intentional inclusion of people from around the world and results in a global mindset for the entire IUI community. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, the broader Indianapolis community, and domestic and international campus partners are essential to collective global learning.

Pursuing global learning is a principal goal for OIA’s efforts in curriculum internationalization, study abroad, international partnerships, and international student programs.

The Office of International Affairs connects IUI faculty and staff with resources that enable them to add a global perspective to their teaching. And our global partnerships expand IUI’s capacity to educate students, conduct research, and serve communities.

*The Office of International Affairs views this definition of global learning as a "living definition" that might evolve over time. As true global learners, we welcome your feedback. Feel free to share your perspectives by submitting your feedback.