Departmental Hiring & Hosting

We will help you bring international talent to IUPUI.

Your department is responsible for recruiting and selecting your international scholars and workers. After you have either identified your candidate for employment or invited a visiting scholar to collaborate with you, we can help with the process of getting a nonimmigrant visa. You can reach us at

Three Main International Scholar Visas

J-1 Exchange Visitor status is for paid or unpaid academic appointments.

H-1B specialty worker status is for a temporary employee in a position that requires at least a bachelor’s degree.

B-1 or B-2 visitor status is for someone who is coming for independent research, a workshop, or a conference.

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Which Visa Status Is Right for Your Scholar?

  • Not Employed by IUPUI

    If the scholar will not be employed by IUPUI and will not receive an honorarium or compensation, your options are the J-1 scholar visa or the B-1 tourist visa. We recommend the J-1 visa for anyone who will stay at IUPUI for at least six months with the possibility of an extension.

  • Employed by IUPUI

    If the scholar will be a full-time IUPUI employee, your options are the J-1 scholar visa or the H-1B specialty worker visa.

    The H-1B visa includes a broader range of job classifications because the minimum qualification is that the job requires a bachelor’s degree. Only the H-1B visa can be used for a tenure-track position.

    The J-1 visa requires that the employee be appointed to an academic position. Exceptions can be made for professional PA positions as appropriate. At IUPUI, it also requires that the employee be enrolled in a graduate program, have a graduate degree, or have a professional degree.

Student Employees and Student Interns

For information on student employment, see our pages about J-1 student interns and J-1 and F-1 students. Only people who are enrolled full time in classes or are obtaining a degree are considered students for visa purposes.

As an employing department for a student using OPT STEM extension, you will need to complete the form I-983. Instructions can be found here.

Workshops and Events for Scholars

OIA offers weekly orientation sessions and other programming for scholars, among many other international events. Find upcoming events in our events calendar.

Less Common Visas

  • O-1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability

    IUPUI uses this visa for employees who are not eligible for an H-1B because they have used all of their H-1B time or because of barriers such as the waiver requirement.

    The O-1 is an administratively extensive visa that requires that IUPUI show that the employee is at the top of his or her specialty field. OIA will determine whether this visa is a possibility after reviewing the credentials of the employee. Please contact us: if you are interested in using this visa.

  • TN Trade NAFTA

    TN status is available to Canadian and Mexican citizens in specified fields, including university teaching, research, and dentistry. The position must be considered temporary. Please contact us: to see if your offered position qualifies for TN status.

  • E-3 Australian Specialty Worker

    Citizens of Australia may qualify for this visa for professional and academic appointments. The position requirements are very similar to those of an H-1B, including that the position must require a bachelor’s degree or higher. Please contact us: if an Australian citizen will fill your offered position.