IUI @ Technology

Technology is a big part of connecting to IUI and completing your degree.

After your admission, one of the first things you should do is set up your IUI Technology Account.  (You'll need your 10-digit university ID number, found on your IUI admissions letter.) 

You will use your username and passphrase to access your computing accounts. This same username and passphrase allows you access to the many systems you will use as a student. If you need help with technology at IUI, contact University Information Technology Services, or UITS.

  • Atlas

    Atlas is an online portal for international students and scholars. You have been using Atlas to apply to IUI and will continue to use Atlas to request most services you need from the Office of International Affairs.

  • One.iu.edu

    One.iu.edu is a place to connect to many different services at IUI. It is your main dashboard to access things like your schedule of classes, bursar bill, update your address, connect to your email, and much more. You will need to log in with your university account to access full features.

  • Email

    At IUI, email is considered your official communication source. You are responsible for all information contained in your university emails – we suggest you read them daily. You can also forward your university email to your preferred account. Learn how here »

  • Canvas

    Canvas is a system that many professors use to post class syllabi, grades, and assignments. You can access the Canvas app off of the One.iu.edu dashboard or directly at canvas.iu.edu.

  • DUO

    DUO is an authentication system that ensures your information is safe. See more information on DUO »

How should I prepare for Placement Assesments?

Be sure you have your IUI technology accounts set up »

Ensure that you are familiar with DUO. Set up a mobile device or table for authentication or plan to receive a token as soon as you arrive on campus. Learn more »

Launch Canvas at least one time after you have set up your technology account and have a DUO authentication method selected.

Technology Discounts for IUI Students

As an IUI student, you are eligible for many discounts through the CrimsonPerks program, including discounts on laptops and cell phones.

Explore CrimsonPerk Discounts

Additionally, you may download many software programs such as the Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 through IUWare. Windows 10 is available at a deep discount.

Find Free and Discounted Software

Cellular Phones in the United States

Cellular phone companies (also called mobile phone companies or wireless providers) allow two payment models for service: postpaid service and prepaid service. You will need to decide which option is right for you.

  • How should I choose a provider?

    You will want to choose a wireless service that provides competitive rates for calling your home country. Many students use their cell phone as their main means of communication. Low international rates will enable you to keep in touch with people at home without paying high fees.

    If you are a married student or are moving to Indianapolis with additional family members, choosing a company that offers additional lines at competitive fees can keep your monthly costs lower. Also, look at the wireless providers offering free mobile-to-mobile minutes. This enables you to call the other family members on your plan without using your minutes.

  • Prepaid Service

    All major cell phone providers in the United States offer prepaid wireless plans. When you buy prepaid wireless service, a provider makes an agreed-upon number of minutes available to your cell phone. You pay for those minutes at the time of agreement.

    After you have used the minutes you purchased, you need to buy more minutes to be able to keep using your phone. This option does not typically require a credit check or a deposit.