What to do when students test "Not Ready"

Students who score “Not Ready” on the IUPUI EAP exam should be placed into ENG - G9/G10 (6 credits), ENG G101 (1-4 credits), and a first year seminar (1 credit). This does not constitute a full-time course load, but options for students at this level of English proficiency are limited.

On a case-by-case basis, the EAP Program may allow a student to retest to see if a student can place into G9/G10 with a second attempt. This exception would only be made if the student had extenuating circumstances that may have affected the results of the first test, such as illness or extreme jet lag. Retests should be coordinated with the EAP department at esl@iupui.edu. Students retesting into G9/G10 may enroll full-time without restrictions.

Visa Status Concerns

Students enrolled part-time while on an F-1 visa must obtain approval from the Office of International Affairs to take a reduced course load. The deadline for obtaining approval is the last day of the 25% refund period. To request permission to take a reduced course load:

  • Students log into iStart.iu.edu and complete the form titled Reduced Course Load: Academic Difficulties.
  • Student enters the reason for the request as well as their academic advisor’s name/email.
  • The advisor receives an email with a link to verify the student’s request. Submission of the form routes it back to OIA.
  • OIA will approve the request, notify the student and advisor, and update the student’s immigration record with the approval.

Students should be advised that they can reduce their course load based on academic difficulties only once during their degree program.

Important Contacts

  • Course Authorization and EAP Retesting

    English for Academic Purposes Office (EAP)



    CA 341

  • Student Visas and Reduced Course Load Requests

    Office of International Affairs - Student Advising Services



    ES 2126