Kelly Sumner

Ericka Alexander

Director of International Admissions

Kelly Sumner’s career began with teaching English as a Second Language students in grades K-12 in central Indiana public schools before she transitioned to working in international higher education in 2012. She has held several positions at IUPUI in the past, including serving as the Assistant Director for Graduate International Admissions from 2013 to 2018. Kelly served most recently as the Associate Director of International Admission at Marian University. She received her undergraduate degrees and her Master of Arts in English from IUPUI.

Kelly is an active member of several professional organizations, including volunteering her time as the Vice-Chair of the International Publications Advisory Committee for AACRAO and as the Committee Chair for Membership, Outreach, and Engagement for TAICEP.

She lives in Brownsburg, Indiana with her husband, Joshua, and her children, Jacob, Casper, and Charles. She loves to travel and experience other cultures, especially the languages and the food! She also loves to read, craft, play games, and spend time with her family.