Admission Standards

At IUI we carefully review each application for its individual merits and qualities. We look at your academic performance and preparation, the strength and quality of the curriculum you were in, and your recent grade trends. For transfer students, we look to see that you have successfully completed academic work at a university level before applying to IUI.

IUI may be able to make an admission decision while you are still studying. You must continue to perform well in your current term or our office may withdraw the offer of admission.

  • You must be in good academic standing at your current institution;
  • If you have 26 semester hours (39 quarter hours) or more of transferable credit in academic subjects, then you will not need to submit secondary school records;
  • However, if you have less than 26 semester hours (39 quarter hours) of transferable credit in academic subjects, then you will need to submit secondary records for admission review in addition to post-secondary records
  • Competitive programs will require a higher GPA for direct admission. You will be admitted to University College unless you meet school-specific transfer admission requirements;
  • You must meet our English language proficiency standards