Global Jags Connect for Community Members

Welcome an international student to Indy and expand your world

IUPUI and IU Alumni, faculty, staff and community members who are currently living in the Indy area can sign up to be matched with an international student.

Beginning Fall 2019, American Graduate students (or Graduate students living in the US for an extended period of time) can be community connections as well!

student at thanksgiving dinner

Read about a Global Jags Connect (previously IHP) match - Flor Phillips and YanMei Lou who celebrated Thanksgiving together.

What will I do with my student?

Global Jags Connect (previously known as the International Host Program) will plan an initial event to meet your student and send periodic suggestions or invitations to special events. The rest is up to you!

You can introduce life in Indianapolis to your student and provide them with a personal experience of American culture. This could include going to sporting events, festivals, or museums. You may invite your student to your home for a meal, and introduce them to your traditions.

Community Connections can also learn about their student’s home country culture, traditions and lifestyle, plus engage in events at IUPUI.

Community Connections and students are encouraged to meet up at least once each month.

Will my student live with me?

No, a community connection is not the same as a homestay family. You will see your student about once or twice each month.

How long do I stay matched with my student?

Community Connections and student matches last for 4-5 months. After that, students and hosts may continue to contact each other if they wish to do so. Or, they can sign up for a new student or community match.

What are the benefits of being in GlobalJags Connect?

  • Exposure to a diverse group of cultures from around the world
  • Become more globally aware
  • Build a mutually rewarding and beneficial friendship
  • Experience the diversity of IUPUI

What is expected of Community Connections?

  • Meet with your student at least once a month
  • Be a source of support for the student
  • Invite student to family gatherings, work events (if appropriate), etc.
  • Participate in events hosted by the Office of Alumni Relations and the Office of International Affairs (examples below)

Suggested Activities

While each connection will be different, you and your student may enjoy any of the following IUPUI and department sponsored events throughout the year.
  • IUPUI Regatta
  • IUPUI Night at the Pacers
  • International Festival (February)
  • International House Alumni Events
  • IUPUI athletic events
  • International Peer Mentoring Program Holiday Party (December)

How do I join?

Joining Global Jags Connect is a simple two-step process! 

  1. Fill out the Global Jags Connect sign up form at the button below
  2. Enter your name at the bottom of the application to sign the Waiver of Liability Form! 

Join Global Jags Connect Now

If you experience difficulty submitting the form, please try this link.