International House Ambassador Program

I-House: A Residential-Based Learning Community (RBLC)

Since 1991, I-House has served as a Residential-Based Learning Community (RBLC) on the IUI campus and has housed more than 1,100 American and international students living side by side from nearly 20 countries each year. Through immersive living with those from other countries, American and international residents alike take part in dialogue and develop friendships that allow them to understand cultural differences and be better prepared to solve global challenges facing their generation.

I-House Ambassadors work to build intercultural community through promoting resident participation in I-House activities, lead events, and involvement in OIA programs and initiatives that support the global learning goals of the I-House program.


2023-2024 I-House Ambassador(s)

Shubham Vats (He/Him): Senior studying Computer Science and Mathematics 


I have enjoyed being a part of a multicultural community and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. One of the great things about living in an international house is the social opportunities. Many international houses offer events and activities that allow residents to get to know each other better, such as cultural dinners, language exchanges, and many interactive events. Also, we get I-House Lounge which is open to residents living in I-house which is a nice place to come and chill with friends or your roommates. My experience in the I-house has been really great and I look forward to staying in I-house for my next Academic year as well.

Jezelle Nunez (She/Her): Freshman studying Forensic Investigative Sciences
Living and being part of International House has been such an eye-opening experience that I'm very grateful for. Coming from a small town in northern Indiana, I grew up with very little diversity and representation. I was limited to only the knowledge of my own culture and the culture of the majority population in my town. However, living in International House has since given me insight to a multicultural community where I have gotten to expand my knowledge of culture through immersion. The heart of I-House is its residents who come from all different cultures and diverse backgrounds, and I-House creates a strong community that makes it possible for these cultures to be shared. I-House makes it easy for residents to connect through many events that promote cultural exchanges along with social interactions. In addition, I-House residents access to the I-House lounge which is a safe and fun spot for residents to work on schoolwork or spend time with friends and other residents. Overall, my experience with everything I-House has to offer has been very wonderful and I'm happy each day to be a part of the I-House community. 

Support I-House leaders who will impact our world

Jath-Yuki-Shubham.pngYou can empower a leader and sustain our global community at I-House.  In 2016, we launched the I-House Global Scholar program to fund a second year on-campus housing resident to lead international programming while building leadership skills. Global Scholars will receive a $2,500 annual stipend. 

Your contribution of any amount will support the I-House Global Scholar program! A $2,500 one-time gift can fully fund one I-House Global Scholar. We seek to select one American and one international Global Scholar each year. 

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