Off-Campus Housing

A city full of apartments and other housing

Indianapolis is a large city, so you have many options for places to live. You can choose among housing in all areas of town and at all price ranges.

Good Places to Look for Apartments in Indianapolis

You can also log into the "Classifieds" on and look at "Roommates & Sublets". This will help you find a property to rent or sublet (lease from a person who is already leasing the property). 

Visit the Department of Student Affairs website for more details on off-campus housing options and properties within two miles of the IUI campus. 

Help with Choosing Off-Campus Housing

We provide resources to help international students, scholars and visitors find living accommodations in Indianapolis. Start with the information below, and contact us if you need additional assistance. IUI's Housing and Residence Life office has also created a list of some housing options located near campus to help with your search, as well as a guide for living off-campus. 

  • What to Do When You Look for an Off-Campus Rental

    • Shop around and compare prices. Consider all costs, not just rent. Some housing includes rent, furniture, electricity, and other services/utilities in one price. Other rentals may just charge rent, and you have to pay for furniture, electricity, and other costs separately. Living far from campus may require you to purchase a car.
    • Consider finding a furnished rental that has all utilities already set up for your first rental. This can help your move to Indianapolis go more smoothly.
    • Check the deposit policy to see if it is refundable.
    • Check the lease duration. If you are not going to be in Indianapolis for 12 months, consider subleasing an apartment.
    • Ask questions of former and current tenants if possible.
    • Get everything you agree upon in writing.
    • Read the entire lease before you sign it.
    • Be sure that you understand all the terms of the contract you sign. Be aware that when your name is on the apartment lease, you can be held fully responsible for the rent if your roommate does not pay his or her full share.
    • Do not sign a lease until you have inspected the apartment, house, or room in person. You will probably not be able to inspect the property in person if you are arranging your housing while you are still outside the United States, but keep this in mind for future housing.
    • Do not sign a lease if you do not agree with all of the terms. Try to negotiate until you can come to an understanding.
    • Keep in mind that some apartment landlords will require a large deposit in advance if you do not have a Social Security number. On-campus housing does not have this requirement.
  • Common Housing Abbreviations

    You may see some of these abbreviations as you browse rental listings:

    • AC: air conditioning
    • Avail: available
    • BA: bathroom
    • blks: blocks
    • BR: bedroom
    • DR: dining room
    • DW: dishwasher
    • frplc: fireplace
    • furn: furnished
    • gar: garage
    • incl: included
    • kit: kitchen
    • lg: large
    • /mo: per month
    • pd: paid
    • util: utilities (gas, water, electric)
    • w/: with
    • W/D: washer and dryer
  • Renter’s Insurance

    Renter’s insurance covers the value of the belongings you keep in your rental property in case of theft, fire, or other damage. We recommend that you purchase it. Most major insurance providers in the United States offer renter’s insurance.

  • Schools for Children

    Indianapolis has 11 public school districts. All of them provide free education for children in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade, regardless of citizenship status. Indianapolis also has many private schools.

    Before you decide where to live, we recommend that you verify the school district, research its educational programs, and consider whether you will send your child to public or private school. Learn about Indianapolis schools »

  • Temporary Housing

    If you arrive at a time when you cannot move into your housing (for example, if your apartment’s office is closed), you will need to stay at a hotel. There are some hotels that have special rates for IUI visitors. Contact our team at for additional support exploring your options. 

  • Off-Campus Housing Resources

    Off-Campus Student Services offers a variety of services, and enables you to be successful throughout your college experience.

    Tips for off-campus living