Taxes & Social Security Numbers

Each year, that you live in the U.S. you will need to file paperwork related to your tax status.  The Office of International Affairs offers you resources to assist in filing your individual tax return. 

Did you make U.S. income?

  • No

    Then you only need to complete Form 8843. Please see the form and instructions here.

    If you do this on paper it is free.  If you use Sprintax you will pay $15.95.

  • Yes

    Use Sprintax the online tax preparation software that our office has purchased to assist you. You can do this on your own, or plan to attend a tax workshop and complete it there.

    You will need to file a state tax return. You can plan to attend a workshop or you can prepare it on your own using Sprintax. Although for students and scholars Sprintax is free for federal tax preparation, it costs $29.95 for state tax preparation.

Please note some things have changed since last year.  Now all nonresident U.S. tax filers use form 1040NR.   All persons who made U.S. income must file.  Only students from India eligible for a tax treaty who made less than $12,950 if filing single, are exempt from filing.  However they must file if they wish to claim a refund.  Only residents of Canada, Mexico, Korea and students from India may be able to claim their children as dependents.  Even if you had no U.S. income you must complete form 8843.

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