International Student Financial Assistance Program

We understand that you may experience a sudden event that severely impacts your ability to fund your education at IUI. We have designed a financial assistance program to specifically address situations where your funding was severe and negatively impacted by a situation that was unpredictable and beyond your control. Students with no change in funding or situation are not considered for this award.

We accept applications in the fall and spring semesters. Applications for the current academic must be submitted by 11:59pm on the following dates:

  • Sunday, October 6 (Fall 2024 applications)
  • Sunday, March 9 (Spring 2025 applications)

Please read all the information below before submitting your application. 

Eligibility Requirements

If you are an IUI graduate or undergraduate student from abroad on an F-1 or J-1 visa, you may apply for grant or loan assistance if you meet the following requirements:

  • Must have completed at least two semesters of full-time coursework at IUI at the time the award begins. (Exceptions to this requirement may be considered in the case of loan applications when the situation is particularly severe).

  • Be able to document an extenuating financial circumstance leading to a financial hardship with insufficient sources of financial support. This need must have developed after starting the academic program. (In other words, applicants must have had sufficient funding when starting the program, as was demonstrated on the financial documents.)

  • Be currently enrolled in a degree program and have at least a 2.75 (undergraduate) or 3.2 (graduate) GPA. (Please note that we are unable to consider students in certificate programs at this time.)

  • Must be maintaining legal F-1 or J-1 student visa status.

  • Must be enrolled at least half-time during the semester for which assistance is requested. Learn more about full-time and half-time enrollment for F-1 students. 

  • Must be assessed tuition at the non-resident rate.

How am I selected for an award?

Preference is given to students who meet the following selection criteria:

  • Priority of applications is assigned in the following order: undergraduate students (juniors and seniors above all), master's level students, PhD and Professional level students (MD, JD, DDS).

  • The minimum GPA requirements are listed above, but priority is given to students who have earned a GPA of 3.0 (undergraduate) and 3.5 (graduate) or higher.

  • Students nearing the end of their program are given higher priority than those near the beginning.

These criteria will be used to make a decision on your application and type of award available (grant or loan). The committee will review your academic records and financial history and may consult with your Academic Advisor. This committee will make the final award and loan decisions. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified whether or not you have received a financial award.

How Much Will I Be Awarded?

The amount of the award varies according to the financial need of the student. We try to meet the needs of individual students while providing assistance to as many as possible. As there are often many applicants, we are unable to meet the needs of all students. No single award or loan is intended to cover the total living or tuition costs of a student, nor are the funds available to support needs of dependents. Grant awards can only be applied to bursar balances, and cannot be used for a cash refund. Loans are applied to the student account, but a refund may be issued if the account balance is at $0. Usually awards or loans range from $1,000 to $3,000 USD. Applicants are encouraged to consider this award or loan along with other ways to meet their needs. Applicants are allowed to apply during more than one semester, regardless of whether an award or loan was previously granted.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Complete the "International Student Financial Assistance Program" application in Atlas (available under the “Insurance and Finances” menu) and attach supporting documents of your financial situation. Documentation should include a letter from your sponsor(s) explaining their current financial situation with a realistic picture of their ability to continue funding. Specific dollar amounts should be included. You can also attach any other documentation that supports your case. (Ex. Bank statements, Newspaper articles, Employment termination letters, etc.) We highly recommend that supporting documents be provided. Without documentation, an application is considered weak.

    Make sure you have your academic advisor's name and email address, as you will need to provide both as part of the application.

    You will also be asked to complete a budget form. You will need to download the Excel file from the iStart eForm, complete the budget, save as a PDF, and upload a completed budget in PDF form. Atlas will not accept an Excel upload. 

  2. Submit complete application no later than the deadlines listed above. The International Student Financial Assistance Program application is only available in Atlas during the open application periods. Late applications will not be accepted.