Incorporate a Global Perspective

Address one or more of the IUPUI Dimensions of Global Learning in your syllabus

There are multiple ways to add an international perspective to your course including:

  • Articulate global learning outcomes for the course in the syllabus
  • Add readings on global issues prevalent in your field of study
  • Incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into your course
  • Encourage international students in your course to share their perspective and expertise
  • Create opportunities for intercultural learning by assigning domestic and international students to work together
  • Identify local opportunities for global learning on campus and in the community
  • Design a research project or use a case study that examines the global implications or aspects of the field or discipline
  • Feature a guest speaker of public speech (TED Talk) from someone who has significant experience working or living in another country
  • Invite a student from OIA’s Global Voices Speakers Program
  • Use the IUPUI Global Crossroads Classroom to facilitate a virtual exchange with students or professionals in another country
  • Engage with the world through videoconferencing in the Global Crossroads Classroom
  • Connect students to international subject matter experts and professionals in your field
  • Explore research or joint teaching opportunities with colleagues at IUPUI international partnership institutions
  • Consider whether international service learning is a good fit for your course

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