Hosting a Visiting Scholar

Information for hosting a Fulbright or other visiting scholar at IUPUI

Possible visiting scholar activities
  1. Pursue own research agenda
  2. Undertake collaborative research with faculty or staff
  3. Teach or co-teach a course
  4. Present guest lectures in classes
  5. Deliver a formal lecture to the school/college
  6. Participate in departmental or interdisciplinary program seminars
  7. Engage in formal or informal discussions with graduate students
  8. Participate in co-curricular activities
Recommended IUPUI Host Department Responsibilities
  1. Identify a department faculty mentor who will work with the visiting scholar
  2. The faculty mentor should communicate with the scholar via phone/video before the scholar arrives on campus in order to discuss the nature and scope of the scholar-institution relationship, specifics of the prospective scholar’s research project and/or teaching responsibilities, to learn about one another, and to experience what it is like to communicate with one another
  3. The department or school should provide a letter of invitation that communicates the nature and scope of the relationship, specifics of the prospective visitor’s research project and/or teaching responsibilities
  4. Offer relocation assistance (ultimately finding housing is the scholar’s responsibility, however hosts are expected to help the scholar)
  5. Provide arrival support once the scholar is in Indianapolis (airport greeting and transport, and anything else the hosts feel is appropriate to welcome and assist the scholar, including introductions, area and campus tour, etc.)
  6. Provide scholar with all pertinent university policies
  7. Arrange access to computers, libraries, and other facilities, as appropriate
  8. Arrange a Crimson Card for the scholar
  9. Provide university office or workstation space, if available
  10. Provide administrative assistance, if possible
  11. Engage in close collaboration or casual oversight, depending on the department and scholar arrangements/needs
  12. Inform scholar of relevant conferences or meetings of professional associations held during the scholar’s grant period
  13. Invite visiting scholars to observe classes and attend faculty workshops and other academic events, when possible and appropriate
  14. Share resources on extra-curricular activities (cultural, social, or community)
  15. Share impact stories and lessons learned with the IUPUI Office of International Affairs and other relevant university entities
  16. Maintain frequent contact with the scholar throughout the duration of his/her stay on campus
Tips for preparing a letting of invitation

The letter should explain the IUPUI department’s general willingness to serve as a host. There is no set length or format for the letter, although it should be on university letterhead and in English or accompanied by an English translation. It should communicate:

  1. Who is being invited
  2. Who or what department the scholar will collaborate with
  3. What grant activities the scholar will pursue (e.g., discipline-specific research or special lecturing needs)
  4. If the scholar is pursuing a combined teaching and research grant, both activities should be addressed
  5. When and for what period of time the host expects the scholar at their institution
  6. Why the host is interested in the scholar and/or their work /Why the scholar’s proposed activity is a good fit
  7. How the host expects to benefit from the scholar’s project
IUPUI Housing for Visiting Scholars

IUPUI has a guest housing program for visiting professors, lecturers, etc. A limited number of apartments are available in the summer and in the spring, if students move-out early. For availability in the fall, check with Housing, however, fall housing for students may be at capacity, not allowing for guest housing.  For information on guest apartment amenities, rates, and reservations, please see: