World 101

World 101 and IUPUI

IUPUI is using World101 in curricular and co-curricular activities as an internationalization and global learning strategy.

What is World101?

World101 is a growing library of free multimedia resources that provide an immersive learning experience in a variety of settings. Through its entertaining, interactive story-telling, World101 makes complex international relations and foreign policy issues accessible to learners both inside and outside formal academic settings.

If you are looking for ways to add a global perspective to your course or student development activity, World101 is a resource for you.

How is World101 content used?

You can use the content directly from the website or customize it for your needs.

World101 provides comprehensive teaching resources including essays, discussion questions, glossaries, and up-to-date reading lists.

See teaching resources here

The current content addresses two general categories:

How is IUPUI using World101?

IUPUI has participated in the AASCU - CFR Pilot Test of this content. To learn more about the IUPUI-IUPUC faculty and staff group who are designing plans to implement this content in their courses or student development programs, contact Youngbok Hong, Professor, Herron School of Art and Design and Brian Starkel, Associate Director, Division of Student Affairs.