Extend an H-1B Visa

IUI ID Number

    • Locate your employee/scholar's IUPUI ID number and date of birth.

Gather and Upload Supporting Documents

    • Click here to see a list of the documents to compile and submit to OIA as part of the H-1B request through Atlas for an extended H-1B visa.

    • Have all documentation ready prior to be initiating e-forms as they cannot be saved and accessed at a later date.

    • Prior to starting e-forms you will need the university position number, job title, salary plan/grade code, salary, employment dates, required degree, required experience, credentials. The job requirements should match official job description on file with HR.

Use Atlas to Complete H-1B E-form Requests

    • If this is your first time, request access to Atlas by following these steps.

    • Go to iStart. Click the Administrative Services for Campus Departments link at the bottom of the page. Then select IUI H-1B Employee E-Form from the menu on the left.

    • Enter the scholar's ID and birthdate. Then complete and submit the e-forms that appear on the checklist. The last form will become available once all the others are submitted.

    • Once you've submitted all of the forms they will route to OIA for processing.